Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Received 29 April 2013
From Arhag Housing Association


Arhag housing owns and manages the homes of approximately 25 people who live at Carnwath road that is directly next to the site of proposed works. Contact has been made with our residents about mitigation measures on offer during the life of the project. This has included an offer to install double glazing. This is already installed. Arhag on behalf of the residents will be seeking more appropriate methods of mitigation over and above has been offered. The residents have indicated that the land on which their building is sited is "re-claimed" and have grave reservations about the impact of any drilling (underground work) that they anticipate will lead to structural damage and the return of a rodent infestation that they suffered some time past.

The residents have heard that some provision for decanting is being made and wish to understand whether this just applies to home owners and private sector renters or whether social housing residents may also have use of this remedy. This is because some residents have medical conditions that may be further aggravated by the character and duration of the proposed works.