Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Received 02 May 2013
From Ann Rothwell


The tunnel assiduously avoids housing until it gets to Hammersmith Bridge but is now planned to come under the properties on the North side of Lillian Road SW13. The short and long term effects of building a tunnel under the land housing approximately 40 Victorian Terrace Houses, all with fragile drains and some like mine with expensive wet underfloor heating over which kitchens are solidly built, is unknown. Should for instance, the wet underfloor heating be damaged in anyway, in my case, would mean the whole kitchen would have to be raised as all units are solidly built over it. My over riding concern is not just the cracks you might see but the cracks that are out of sight.
Our houses we have beeen told are built on clay but clay does not necessarily settle evenly and settlement can take years to show not months.
We understand that Thames Water Utilities will undertake a full survey of our properties before and after the project but I have not yet had that committment in writing. I wish also to know for what time length after the project end would Thames Water be liable -given settlement and cracks do no necessarily show in the short term.

We would obviously prefer that Thames Water Utilities had stuck with their original plan not to come inland at Hammersmith Bridge. Now I would like in writing Thames Water commitment to pre and post house surveys and acceptable length of time e.g. 10 years for their liability for any damage caused.