Thames Tideway Tunnel

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The filtered list shows correspondence sent to or from the Planning Inspectorate that is not considered as a representation from an interested party.

130423 WW010001 Reply to Tower Hamlets (PDF, 35 KB)
A reply to the letter from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets dated 18 April 2013
130719 WW010001 TWUL Response S55letter (PDF, 9 MB)
Response to the Planning Inspectorate's s55 PA 2008 acceptance letter. Received 19 July 2013.
130418 WW010001 Letter from Tower Hamlets (PDF, 241 KB)
A letter from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets relating to the decision to accept the application for examination
130722 WW010001 Corr TWUL&DCLG s131&132 (PDF, 104 KB)
Correspondence sent to the Planning Inspectorate between Thames Water Utilities Limited and The Department for Communities and Local Governmnet on the procedures related to s131 and 132 of the Planning Act 2008
130423 WW010001 Correspondence TWUL re document formatting (PDF, 931 KB)
An exchange of correspondence with Thames Water regarding the formatting of electronic application documents
130722 WW010001 Corr TWUL SPP&s127 (PDF, 118 KB)
A letter to The Planning Inspectorate from Thames Water Utilities Limited regarding Special Parliamentary Procedure and certification processes for s127 of The Planning Act 2008
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