Thames Tideway Tunnel

Enquiry received via email

Thames Tideway Tunnel

26 February 2013
Emma Pousi


Dear sir/madam
I would like to send in a comment/make a representation about the Supersewer plans that will be submitted by Thames Water on 28th Feb 2013.
Is this the correct postal address to send letters to?
The Planning Inspectorate
Temple Quay House
Temple Quay
I would be grateful if you could confirm.
Many thanks

Advice given

Dear Ms Pousi
Thank you for your email regarding the Thames Tideway Tunnel project.
It is currently too early for you register to become an Interested Party for this project. The next step in the process is for Thames Water to submit the application to the Planning Inspectorate. Once the application has been submitted, The Planning Inspectorate has 28 days to check that the developer has complied with the 2008 Planning Act (as amended). If the Planning Inspectorate accepts the application for examination, Thames Water will publish a notice inviting members of the public such as yourself to become an Interested Party (See advice note 8.3 below). As an Interested Party, you will be able to present your views to the Examination Authority and attend any meetings or hearings regarding the project. You will also be sent all relevant information about the project for the lifetime of the examination.
The Planning Inspectorate has also published the following leaflets about the process which may be of help to you.
Advice note 8.1: How the process works
Advice note 8.2: Responding to the developer?s pre-application consultation
Advice note 8.3: How to register and become an interested party in an application
Advice note 8.4: Influencing how an application will be examined ? the Preliminary Meeting
Advice note 8.5: Participating in the examination
If you need any further advice please don?t hesitate to contact the Thames Tideway Tunnel project team: [email protected] or our helpline 0303 444 5000
Yours Sincerely
Karl-Jonas Johansson