Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

07 November 2013
Battersea Power Station Developm - Simon Murphy


I am writing on behalf of the Battersea Land owning companies (BPS). We on behalf of BPS are in discussions with the Thames Water team in connection with the proposed temporary use of land owned by BPS by Thames Water for the purpose of the TTT in the vicinity of Kirtling Street.
The discussions are currently progressing positively and accordingly we believe that it would be most efficient for BPS to attend the hearings at the latter stage (end January 2014?) to give us and Thames the maximum time to establish whether we are able to reach agreement prior to that date and if appropriate withdraw from the proceedings.

Advice given

The Panel understand that negotiations are ongoing. However, the process of scheduling the different Compulsory Acquisition (CA) hearings is complex and has to be in some sort of logical order to assist with the reporting to the SoS.
The agenda for all the CA hearings is in the process of being finalised and should be issued in the next few weeks. If your session is earlier than you would like, then I would advise that if you attend a hearing, that you provide your views to the Panel as if the objection you have is still outstanding. You can explain to the Panel that negotiations are ongoing.
The Panel will be asking the applicant to provide an update later in the examination of the current state of play at that time in respect of all the land interests, identifying any ongoing negotiations and where an agreement has been concluded or where it cannot be reached.