Thames Tideway Tunnel

Enquiry received via phone

Thames Tideway Tunnel

01 March 2013
Save Your Riverside - B Holbeche


A representative of the ?Save Your Riverside? organisation telephoned the Inspectorate to ask what the likely timetable for the early stages of the process would be if the application for the Thames Tideway Tunnel scheme were accepted, and also to ask whether the funding statement was a statutory document; and how one would make submissions to examination on the issue of funding and viability.

Advice given

The Inspectorate confirmed that a funding statement is a required document as part of any application for development consent whre the applicant is seeking powers to compulsorily acquire land. This is so that the Examining Authority can consider whether or not they have the means to compensate those with interests in land they seek to acquire.
We advised that, if the Thames Tideway Tunnel application is accepted, the application documents would be published on our website and paper copies would also be made available at deposit locations at a number of points along the route of the tunnel.