Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

09 January 2014
Thames Water Utilities Ltd - Ian Fletcher


Clarification on which matters in relation to sections 131 and 132 the Examining Authority are anticipating examining at the hearing on 17 January 2014

Advice given

The PA 2008 is the starting point and the context for considering the compulsory acquisition and temporary use of open space; the need for such land; minimisation of use and impacts; any alternative provision, compensation measures and mitigation. Compulsory acquisition issues in relation to the statutory tests have been considered generally in the earlier CA hearings. However on Friday (17 January) they will be considered specifically in the context of section 4.8 of the NPS and particularly paragraphs 4.8.12 to 4.8.24.
SPP will not be considered as this is the subject of a separate process and determination. Further, whilst any Interested Parties may make submissions in relation to section 4.8, it will be made clear by the Examining authority that submissions relating to issues within sections 131 and 132 will not be accepted as these are being dealt with by DCLG. The session on Friday 17 January will therefore focus on the issues which arise under paragraph 4.8 of the NPS and so far as the applicant is concerned will follow Q4.33 and the applicant's response thereto.