Thames Tideway Tunnel

Enquiry received via email

Thames Tideway Tunnel

24 April 2013
Patricia Cuervo


Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) enquired whether they were required to make a relevant representation; what the role of Local Impact Reports (LIR), Written Representations (WR) and Statements of Common Ground (SoCG) is; and when the LIR and other documents may be due during the examination.

Advice given

RBKC were advised that as a host Local Authority they will be considered an interested party and do not need to make a relevant representation in order to register to take part in the examination. However, RBKC were advised to make a relevant representation in order for their views to be taken account of in the initial assessment of issues.
RBKC were advised that the LIR should be an objective assessment of the impact of the scheme, both positive and negative. WRs can be used to put forward the councils opinion of the scheme and it would be possible to use evidence from the LIR to support the councils views. SoCGs can be used to set out areas of agreement and disagreement with the applicant.
RBKC were advised that the Rule 6 letter will set out a draft timetable including the deadlines for the receipt of submissions. This timetable will be discussed and agreed at the Preliminary Meeting.