The Sizewell C Project

Enquiry received via email

The Sizewell C Project

09 September 2014
TASC - Joan Girling


Should a Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) be reviewed and approved by the Council if alterations are proposed?

Advice given

With regard to the Sizewell C SoCC, it may not be necessary for EDFE to review it if it is still relevant. We would advise any developer to seek advice from the relevant local authorities about the need to review the SoCC if changes were proposed to the consultation methodology.
For large projects like SZC, where consultation takes place over an extended period of time in multiple stages, the SoCC will usually be drafted with some flexibility built into it, to allow for the need to respond to feedback and events on the ground. We would encourage this ?iterative? approach.
For example, some SoCCs state that, if the need arises, the developer may hold targeted consultation with specific consultees and / or affected communities. In that instance, the detail about the timing / locations and nature of that consultation would not necessarily be set out in the SoCC but a local authority may use the commitment set out in the SoCC as the basis to request a targeted consultation in a specific area if they think it is needed.