The Sizewell C Project

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The Sizewell C Project

04 April 2014
Joan Girling


What is an EIA Scoping Request?

Advice given

A Scoping Request is a document and process whereby the applicant asks us (acting on behalf of the Secretary of State (SoS)) for our view on the matters and topics which they intend to include in their Environmental Statement. For example, they may wish to ?scope out? certain topics which they consider are not relevant to the context and location of the project. Perhaps there are topics which are more suited to an urban environment or features which aren?t present in the area such as disused mines and such like. In any event, we provide them with an opinion on their suggested range of topics after consulting with other statutory bodies. If we get a scoping request we?ll publish it along with our Scoping Opinion and any responses we receive from the statutory bodies.