Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station

Enquiry received via email

Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station

25 February 2011
Fran Fry


Note that additional documents have been submitted by the applicant as part of the written representations - too late for others who have made detailed representations to consider in detail before the deadline. As far as we are aware there is nothing in the IPC regulations that allow the applicant to submit new evidence in the time period between the start of consultation and the final cut-off.

Advice given

The additional documents to which you refer have been submitted by the applicant as part of its written representations. The applicant is able to submit written representations in the same way as any other interested party. The Examination Timetable provides an opportunity for all interested parties to comment on other parties representations, including those of the applicant, by 28th March 2011.
The applicant has set out the reasons for submitting this additional information at the beginning of each of the documents and it does not alter the details of the development for which authorisation is sought. It is permissible for the applicant to submit further information during the course of the examination, about which the other interested parties will have the opportunity to comment. This may also include any answers provided by the applicant or any other party to questions which have been asked by the Examining authority. For clarification, s102 of the Planning Act 2010 defines an 'interested party' to include reference to the applicant.