Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station

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Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station

09 September 2011
Clive Stallwood


I have been reviewing the documents associated with this application and cannot locate a Screening decision.
Could you please advise me where I can find one?

Advice given

Thank you for your query in relation to the Rookery South energy from waste (EfW) facility proposal at Rookery South Pit, near Stewartby, Bedfordshire.
In this instance the applicant did not request a screening opinion, and no decision was adopted by the IPC, because an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is mandatory for proposals which fall under Schedule 1 of the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2009 (the EIA Regulations). The Rookery South EfW facility meets these criteria as a 'waste disposal installation for the incineration or chemical treatment...of non-hazardous waste with a capacity exceeding 100 tonnes per day' (Schedule 1 Paragraph 10 of the EIA Regulations).
However, the applicant did request a scoping opinion from the IPC in respect of the content of the Environmental Statement. After consultation with statutory consultees, the IPC adopted an opinion in April 2010.
The scoping opinion can be located on our website when entering a search for scoping on the Rookery South project page - attachment 1

attachment 1
attachment 1