Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 16 September 2018
From Gary Holley


Dear Sir/Madam,
I live in [Redacted], directly opposite the new proposed massive development. As well as living here I have a 4 star Holiday let with swimming pool which has been successfully run over 18 years, and earlier this year we received planning permission for four more Lodges, making it a small Holiday Park.
Vatenfalls development is 4 minutes walk across the opposite field in full view.On the present smaller development we suffered continous light poloution throughout the construction process with flood lights on all night.This new proposal dwarfs the existing one. Effectively this development will destroy this business, as you only need one review in this day and age to say" location spoilt by massive sub station opposite". Game over!
My opinion is that no serious study into the location of this project has ever been done,it is situated on high ground, visible on the A47 as you enter and leave Norfolk, which is the third most popular Holiday destination in the UK.
Do holiday makers and residents of Norfolk really want to see this? Many of us are very upset, throughout Norfolk.Originally the existing Sub Station was going to Dunham,but the villagers were very opposed and it was moved to the existing position, and everyone thought that was the end of the matter, no mention of masses of further development.
I have attended numerous Vatenfall meetings, they have ignored everyone, and we have been given a choice of positions all in the same footprint. It beggers belief! It appears to me that they are just jumping through the hoops with no interest in the local community, indeed I offered a much better location at Top Farm Fransham, with the Farmer interested in selling, and they showed no interest, other than "we may decide to put a road through the farm for access wether you like it of not".
Wind Turbines were situated out at sea as it was easier to get planning, as many people objected to them, now its the infrastructure for them that is destroying the Norfolk Coutryside,not just here but all over Norfolk.If we need to have them,(although a recent news feature in the press stated that National Grid has a surplus of energy in summer and may have to pay generators to switch off),can a sensible location be used, one away from villagers,and out of sight of the main roads.Please can you prove the people of Norfolk wrong, and show that there still is a democratic process, as many feel the desicion has already been made.

I have lived in Norfolk all my life, and respect the fact that we have to embrace developments, as I have coverted Old Norfolk Barns to Homes, but with respect to the local countryside. Norfolk is not industralised Coventry, but this is how it will appear when you drive in to Norfolk in the future. And what would future generations think?
Whats happenning here is unforgivable in its present proposal.
I would like to state that George Freeman has assisted with local meetings and invited Vatenfall to attend and discuss with the local villagers, but the last few meetings they decided not to bother attending. In fact they have never visited our home or holiday development to discuss or meet, instead tending to turn a blind eye to any obsticales .

I sincerely hope that you look into this proposed ,development with a open mind.
"your mind is like a parachute, works better when its open"
A very concerned resident.
Kind Regards,
Gary M Holley