Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 16 September 2018
From Jackie Sidey


My main concerns about the proposal are;

1) The permanent eyesore of such a vast industrial site, amplified by the elevated position and height requirement of the HVAC connection to what I understand will need to be up to 80 feet tall. This isn’t in-keeping with a rural village. The current substation is fairly discrete.
2) EMR issues from the large site, within close proximity to housing and an expanding Primary School.
3) The potential of increased flooding within the village of Necton due to development of an agricultural site.
4) The additional traffic the site will create both during construction and afterwards, impacting on the already busy, single carriageway section of the A47. This also is likely to make the Necton junction of the A47 even more treacherous than it currently is.
5) The noise and dust implications from the lengthy construction time needed to build the site. This will have a huge impact on the health and stress of residents nearby.