Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 16 September 2018
From Sydney McNeil


I object to the installation of the substation by Vanguard on the grounds that no thought has been made for the wildlife that exists or the farm land that needs protecting from an eyesore that will be the product of this proposal. Because of the rural nature of the area it would be more prudent to place such a substation where there already exists an industrial area which would blend in with an already similar area.

This area has already seen the installation of a substation for the National Grid on ground that is all too evidently rural and the concreting over of well over 48 acres of land will constitute a disaster for wild life in the area as well as curtail much needed farming as our population grows and will add to flooding which naturally occurs in this area with a threat to nearby inhabitants.

Despite being designed to provide electricity to a growing population this installation will destroy vast swathes of land disrupting local wildlife and farming areas as the necessary pipes laid across a considerable acreage of Norfolk.

I therefore object to the substation being built at the proposed site because as an environmentally aware person, I cannot equate the support of an environmental argument that the Wind Turbines placed in the sea will be better for the environment that a nuclear station as the substation proposed ruins the environment.