Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 14 September 2018
From Miss Sherrie Nobbs


Development Consent for Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm.

I wish to register my opposition to the above development due to the positioning of Necton Vanguard and Boreas substations.

1. Congestion during the construction phase has not been considered.
The A47 is the main route across the country and is naturally busy. The addition of the construction traffic will mean longer delays for local vehicles attempting to use it. This will have a detrimental impact on daily life and local businesses. As the project appears to have a construction phase of five years what measures will be taken to address this.

2. Positioning of the substations.
The two proposed substations are sizeable industrial sites which are to be sited close to a residential area.

3. Operational impact.
What visual, audible and electrical impact will the development have during the construction and operation? Little information has been given on this, as the type of substation was not even decided upon when the consultation process was operation.

4. Lack of clear planning and consultation.
Informed decisions and understanding cannot be achieved unless all relevant information is provided. Project details have been neither precise nor forthcoming, suggesting there could be further developments planned.