Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 14 September 2018
From Sarah Rodgers


I am a resident of the village of Holme Hale which lies close to the proposed site for the Norfolk Vanguard offshore windfarm development. I have attended public meetings and am totally dissatisfied by the outcome of consultations.

The proposed siting of the substation is not the best choice which was available to Vattenfall.

It is at a relative highpoint in the landscape which will make it far more visible from a far greater distance.

The proposal to make the technology DC will mean it has to be built to a greater height which will again intrude into the landscape.

Statutory limits on noise pollution will mean that it is likely to have to be encased creating a further unsightly eyesore on a traditional rural landscape.

There is already light pollution from the Dudgeon sub-station and representations by Vattenfall on bunding to counter this are totally inadequate.

The site has a high level of toxicity as a result of being a plane-crash site.

There are important archaeological features on the site.

Concentrating substations together in one location creates a highly targettable site in the event of hostilities.

In summary, it will intrude unacceptably on the landscape, destroy important archaeological features, be a health hazard and a security risk.

I would urge planners to take a longer term view and recommend that other sites be given proper consideration so that the negative impact of such a concentration of infrastructure is sensibly neutralised.