Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 13 September 2018
From National Grid Electricity Transmission PLC and National Grid Gas PLC


Representation by National Grid Gas Plc and National Grid Electricity Transmission Plc (together ‘National Grid’) to the Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm Order Development Consent Order.

National Grid wishes to make a relevant representation to the Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm Offshore Wind Farm DCO in order to protect its position in relation to infrastructure and land which is within or in close proximity to the proposed Order Limits. National Grid’s rights to retain its apparatus in situ and rights of access to inspect, maintain, renew and repair such apparatus located within or in close proximity to the Order limits should be maintained at all times and access to inspect and maintain such apparatus must not be restricted.

The documentation and plans submitted for the above proposed scheme have been reviewed in relation to impacts on National Grid’s existing and apparatus and land interests located within this area, and National Grid will require protective provisions to be included within the DCO to ensure that its interests are adequately protected and to ensure compliance with relevant safety standards.

National Grid Electricity Transmission

National Grid Electricity Transmission has a high voltage electricity overhead transmission line and a high voltage substation within the onshore scoping area. The overhead line and substation form an essential part of the electricity transmission network in England and Wales.

• 4VV (400kV) overhead line route - Norwich Main to Walpole 1
- Norwich Main to Walpole 2
• Necton (400kV) Substation

National Grid Gas Transmission

National Grid Gas has high pressure gas transmission pipelines, above ground installations (AGI’s) and a gas terminal located within or in close proximity to the onshore scoping area. The transmission pipelines along with AGI’s and terminals form an essential part of the gas transmission network in England, Wales and Scotland:

Gas Transmission Pipelines:

• Feeder Main 02 - Bacton to Wisbech Nene West
• Feeder Main 03 - Bacton to Roudham Heath
• Feeder Main 05 - Bacton to Yelverton

As a responsible statutory undertaker, National Grid’s primary concern is to meet its statutory obligations and ensure that any development does not impact in any adverse way upon those statutory obligations.

National Grid reserves the right to make further representations as part of the examination process but in the meantime is negotiating with the promoter with a view to reaching a satisfactory agnational reement.