Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 12 September 2018
From Roberta Spain


Good afternoon,

I am terribly concerned about the proposed 100 acre Vanguard/Boreas substations which is currently in planning in the town of Necton. I strongly believe the proposed development will have sustained and long term detrimental effects on the residents of the town, around 2000 in residence, and that there has not been adequate effort by Vattenfall to find alternative locations.

There is significant research suggesting electric and magnetic fields produced by the substation cause diseases, principally childhood leukaemia. The village of Necton has a thriving youth population and a primary school which is putting the whole community at risk. Although there will be reassurance that the substation will comply with the exposure limits, why not put the substation at the site near Scarning and Wendling which is not close to residents and would use the same pylons requiring shorter cable distance and is supported as an alternative site by National Grid!

This proposal should not go ahead for Necton which has already seen a substation been built, more than the communities fair share. I encourage the Secretary of State to reconsider and protect the residents.