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The views expressed in this page do not represent those of the Planning Inspectorate. This page consists of content submitted to the Planning Inspectorate by the public and other interested parties, giving their views of this proposal.

Norfolk Vanguard

Received 11 September 2018
From Diana Lockwood


This will be the largest development of it’s kind in the World. The chosen location feels so ill considered.

Why is this being placed so close to homes, especially at Ivy Todd. My own family living at Ivy Todd Farm will be severely, negatively affected, with the proposed 70 acres being 500m from the house. Our MP George Freeman has visited our farm and has shown concern at the proposed location. PEIR document says the scale does not fit in with rural location.

Other locations with less impact on individual’s lives (identified & submitted) do not appear to have been fully explored. HVDC option means a bigger, noisier project.

No regard has been given to the possible negative physical, psychological health implications of living with 10 years of construction work in close proximity, then with the permanent massive structure looming over residents, who have lived with unspoiled (apart from Dudgeon construction) views, beauty and appreciation of the area. Also possible health threats from EMF. Ivy Todd is already a high volume Cancer cluster. Noise monitoring only appears to have been carried out for 24hrs.

In 1996 a Danish F16 crashed at Ivy Todd. VF was not aware of this until NCC advised them on 6th June, and of possible radioactive substances. If VF’s corridor cable trench is run through this crash site, what possible hazardous contamination may be disturbed. VF advise that there is no health risk and in the event that there was, they would deal with it. Unacceptable.

It has been incredibly difficult to obtain information first hand which is Necton/Ivy Todd relevant re our fears, questions. We are referred to VF website for answers. There is no specific section for Necton. Website is generic/not transparent. We feel misled and intentionally under-informed. Meetings/drop ins have been shambolic.

‘Mitigation’ is a word levied by VF. NO amount of mitigation will disguise this monstrous animal from view from my family farm. It will be devastating. No adequate visual projections have been provided by VF. PEIR says massive efforts won’t be enough to screen the project within the life of the project.

The stream in Ivy Todd is the only tributary to take away rain water. With huge concreted areas being proposed, the stream which already floods will not cope. Riparian Rights?

In all of their consultations & info, VF never mentions  inefficiencies and what happens on still days/weeks when there is little wind. A spokesperson from VF has already agreed that technology will have moved on/improved during the 10yr build, and the plant will become redundant. We, however have to live with this permanent scar. Is it even sustainable?

If this goes ahead, we hope there will be due consideration to residents massively affected by blight, inconvenience, distress, devaluation, in our case lost opportunity for the farm’s intention to diversify into holiday lets. The current beautiful views will be obliterated. Other leisure businesses in the villages have been disregarded as of’ negligible value’.
Threat from terrorism is a real concern.