Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 20 August 2018
From Mrs S Shalloo


1. Traffic: The main A47 arterial road through Norfolk struggles now on a day to basis with the volume of traffic, what on earth will this then be like with the amount of construction traffic that will be required to create this substation. Sat Navs do not always send traffic the recommended route, what impact will this have on Necton a small rural village.

2. House Prices: We have already seen a decrease in house prices in Necton and the surrounding villages with this proposal in place, it can only get worse if this project gets the go ahead.

3. Wildlife: The devastation of acres of countryside to lay the cables to the substation and then the acres of land claimed to build, will have a Huge impact on various wildlife habitats. Once this land is gone it cannot be reclaimed.

4. Norfolk is prone to wildfires in dry weather as can be seen in Swaffham recently (5 miles from Necton), this site will be surrounded by fields of dry crops. We only have a retained fire service not a full time one, who would deal with any major incident at this site?

5. Light pollution: Should this project go ahead it will have a huge impact on the sleep patterns of both humans and wildlife. Along with the impact that the ongoing noise of the substation will create that is not necessarily audible to humans but will effect species who use sonar to navigate.

6. F16 Plane crash: Concerns over radioactive risk due to the intention to run the cables through the site of the crash that has previously been classified as contaminated land.