Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 05 August 2018
From Tony Smedley on behalf of Lorraine Gill


My representations in objecting to Vattenfall's proposed development at Necton are:-

1. I am concerned about the negative impact this will have on the landscape and on the local wildlife. Vattenfalls PEIR Document states that it is too large for the location, and no amount of mitigation will be effective for the lifetime of the project, so it goes against the planning laws that say effective mitigation must be used.
2. Construction and operation will cause dust, noise and light pollution in an area that is designated as 'dark rural landscape'.
3. House prices will suffer because of the pollution and proximity of the sub-station. Prices have already been affected by the existing Dudgeon sub-station so we know it happens. Vattenfallā€™s ridiculously massive industrial site will make this situation worse.
4. Flooding of roads around Ivy Todd, Chapel Road and West End is an existing problem. Construction of the sub-station will make this worse. If this was a housing development in that same area it would never be allowed.