Norfolk Vanguard

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Norfolk Vanguard

Received 06 August 2018
From Jenny Smedley on behalf of Maurice Woodall


Vattenfall came into our lives in 2016. It was a shock, but they told us not to worry because they would listen to us all the way through the process.
This is not happened. Most of what they told us has been misleading, and deliberately so it seems.
All they did was continually ‘present’ us with what THEY had decided. Most of our comments were not included in the documents, and our questions were ignored.
At the end of the day, for no apparent reason they have shown us what they have decided for the siting of the substations.
Despite worries concerning plane crash contamination and a high possibility of flooding in the areas laying downwards from the site (the site is very high), our concerns from our previous substation build about useless mitigation, light pollution, noise and disturbance have been brushed aside by this very arrogant company.
We read with dismay that on the whole this consultation has been ‘rubber stamped’ by local authorities, who seem to have no idea, despite us writing to them continually, that WE (the affected) do NOT think the consultation has been done adequately, and it appears our concerns are to be ignored.

What was the point of this consultation as everything seems to have been agreed before we were even told about the proposal?