Lake Lothing Third Crossing

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Lake Lothing Third Crossing

Received 24 September 2018
From Broadland Housing Group


Please accept this representation in relation to the Lake Lothing 3rd crossing. The representation reflects 6 tenanted properties in close proximity to the bridge for which Broadland Housing Group is the Landlord and Freeholder. In principal we welcome the proposal for the 3rd bridge crossing which we hope would benefit the overall traffic management and logistics within this area.

We do however express concern over the impact the construction of the bridge will have on our tenants and local community, and the expectations of traffic volume once the bridge is completed? For example; will the new Lake Lothing Crossing attract more traffic causing further congestion within the area ? It would be beneficial to understand how this will be managed, particularly at times when the bridge is closed for the passing of vessels?

We would also welcome the opportunity for a specific resident community group to be implemented to engage with the process and provide a forum to voice any concerns or provide useful input into the project to ensure their views are taken into consideration.