Lake Lothing Third Crossing

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Lake Lothing Third Crossing

Received 24 September 2018
From Marine Management Organisation


Dear Sir/Madam,


The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is an interested party for the examination of Development Consent Order (DCO) applications for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) in the marine area. The MMO received notification on 20 August 2018 stating that the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) (on behalf of the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) has accepted an application from Suffolk County Council (“the Applicant”), for a DCO for The Lake Lothing Third Crossing, Lowestoft.

The MMO has an interest in this project because the development contains the construction of new highway comprising carriageway and cycleway over Lake Lothing, with associated activities occurring both over and within the marine environment. The DCO application includes a Deemed Marine Licence (DML) under Section 65 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (MCAA 2009) and should consent be granted for the project, the MMO will be responsible for monitoring, compliance and enforcement of DML conditions.

During the pre-application stages of this application the applicant has engaged with the MMO on a number of occasions. Specifically, the MMO has been provided with the opportunity to review and comment on draft versions of the DCO and DML. Whilst the MMO provided a Scoping Opinion with regards to the proposed content of the Environmental Statement (ES), the MMO was not provided with the opportunity to review any draft versions of the ES prior to submission to PINS.

Due to the length of the representation, the MMO is unable to submit its comments in full via the PINS website. Instead, a copy of the MMO’s full representation has been submitted to PINS via email ([email protected]). The main points raised in the MMO’s representation are summarised below:

• The MMO is of the opinion that the ES generally provides a thorough assessment of the potential impacts on the marine environment from the construction activities associated with the construction of the proposed bridge crossing at Lake Lothing. However, the MMO considers that further consideration of the environmental impacts of the proposed development is required.

• Despite comments being made by the MMO, some aspects of the documents that have been submitted to PINS in support of the DCO application remain unchanged since the last consultation response that the MMO issued.

• It is the advice of the MMO that the issues raised in our full representation to PINS be addressed, should the proposal be granted development consent via a DCO. In light of this, the MMO would welcome future engagement from the developer to ensure that the issues are resolved in a timely manner.
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