Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

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Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

Received 20 July 2018
From Andrew Hellewell


Concern with the large increase in the volume of HGV traffic through the village of Cawston during the cable laying phase of the project.

My property is sited on the B1145 opposite the junction to Booton (Goosepie) Lane. The property lies approximately six feet from the road and is situated on a bend.

The B1145 is narrows at this site and west bound HGV's encountering oncoming traffic mount the kerb causing heavy vibrations (wall shake). My concern is that the increase in HGV movements could result in structural damage to the property.

Orsted have a duty of care to not only conduct a condition survey on my property, but on all properties that will be affected along the route through the village. These surveys should ensure that any damage occurring to properties due to increased HGV traffic will be rectified without prejudice.

Orsted should also consider the effect that the increased HGV traffic will have on the main sewer that runs under the B1145 through the village. The sewer is of Victorian construction and could be susceptible to cracking or collapse.