Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

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Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

Received 19 July 2018
From Mr William Horabin on behalf of Friends of North Norfolk


1.We are concerned that HVDC Transmission has not been properly and fully considered.
HVDC Transmission is used in transmission of high voltage current over land and sub sea
for many continental interconnectors and in operational offshore wind farms in the
North Sea off Germany where it has been specified by the German Gov't (Orsted-Dong
have interests in these). Offshore Converter Platforms up to 950MW capacity have been
constructed, installed and are operational.
HVDC Transmission will need fewer cables, less disruption to the seabed, land and the
ecology and eliminate the need for vast Compensator Booster Stations both offshore and
within open countryside. Indeed HVDC Transmission is the single best solution to limit
and mitigate against the significant effects of this vast project.

2.Orsted have failed to evidence that they are truly committed and open to the full and
proper consideration of HVDC Transmission within the Rochdale Envelope approach.
The Consultation Report evidences a clear bias and assumptions that HVAC Transmission
will be used - Orsted have used HVAC Transmission when they have been allowed the
choice despite the significant advances and use of HVDC Transmission by others.

3.Orsted have failed to provide proper details and visualisations of the onshore HVAC
Booster Stations or give a sense of scale to all parts of the project to enable proper
public consultation. Proper mapping and imaging including aerial photo surveys and
more sophisticated photo montages / 3D imaging is warranted for a project of this scale.

4.Orsted have failed to properly identify the cumulative effects of other projects - existing
or proposed - on the North Norfolk Coast, the AONB and Marine Environment/Ecologies
and the socio/economic impacts on tourism, fishing etc. Other projects include the
recent Sheringham Shoal, Dudgeon and Race Bank offshore wind farms/cabling works
and the proposed Norfolk Vanguard and Boreas offshore wind farms.

5.Orsted have failed to identify or understand the impacts of works and sediment
disturbances - the Cromer Reef MCZ is an example. Trenching works carried out when
there is a tidal stream running west to east (particularly on Springs) will cause pollution
to the reef and sands/sediments will carry and damage it. Should the chalk reef continue
under the sea bed and extend out then the cabling works will pull up chalk which can
travel in suspension for many miles.