Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

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Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

Received 18 July 2018
From Natasha Hall



Firstly as owners of the only property (redacted) in close proximity of the converter we are disappointed and upset with the communication and withholding of information from Orsted

After purchasing (redacted) in 2003 we made appoint of contacting South Norfolk Council who told us in no uncertain terms there would be no construction between our boundary and the Southern bypass which I believe has now been contravened to support this latest application.

Orsted have been slow in communication with us and we have had lots of mis- guided information
1. The sound monitors were put up at our property (when asked what they were for we were told they just monitor the wind speed). Asking what effect this will have on us they replied absolutely nothing!!!!!
2. We voiced our concerns about the construction traffic (Not knowing about the impending roundabout on the B1113) They did but let us voice our concerns and look stupid
3. We asked why the substation could not be located nearer the main substation at Mangreen/Caister again they knew that there was a proposed reserve substation in the process- we didn’t

Below is the abstract from the sound report which they carried out in March 2017 promising us a copy before it went to planning inspectorate surprisingly we got it 1st June 2018 17 days after the misinterpreted report was sent to the planning inspectorate.

The results of the assessment for (redacted) shows that with the design mitigation applied, it is anticipated that during operation in the day time there would be no change in the sound level at the property, and during evening the anticipated change (+0.3 decibel increase) has been assessed as negligible for the purpose of the assessment.
For your information, since we last spoke we have submitted our planning application for Hornsea Project Three to the Planning Inspectorate on 14th May. You will be formally notified by us in writing if the application is accepted for examination, so that you have the opportunity to view the full suite of documents and make a written representation.

So there will be no sound affect during the day when they are constructing less than 200 metres from our property this is without the dust and eyesore we will be exposed to

Putting up a few trees and landscaping is not going to make up for this

We have raised our family and would now be looking to downsize but are now prisoners in our own home as no one will buy with 12+ years of construction

Stuart Livsey (Orsted)said on live radio that there is no evidence that the construction would devalue our property (in that case they could purchase and sell at the end of construction with no monetary loss)