Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

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Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

Received 17 July 2018
From Mulbarton Parish Council


Onshore HVDC converter and HVAC substation at Swardeston

The currently proposed site for this facility is on rising ground alongside the A47 trunk road. It is at present undeveloped farmland, in agricultural use.

Due to the large size, height, and scale of the proposed building and associated works, the use of this site would have significant visual and environmental impact, leading to extensive mitigation measures.

Further, if the currently proposed site is adopted, then it would also appear that all vehicle access, including during the construction phase, would need to be made to and from the B1113.

Given that Highways England has recently stated that access to the site from the A47 will not be permitted, there would seem to be no advantage in continuing with this particular site.

A more suitable site is potentially available at the Lafarge Aggregates quarry, Mangreen (52°34'46.2"N 1°16'35.4"E). This alternative location is a working gravel extraction site, with existing heavy goods vehicle access to and from the A140 trunk road, and in very close proximity to the Norwich Main National Grid Substation.

Gravel extraction is a progressive process, and the site will necessarily become exhausted when all commercially viable supplies of gravel have been removed. Excavations are then typically backfilled, and restored to agricutlural use.

There is clearly an opportunity to obtain economic and environmental benefits by using a part of the existing Lafarge Aggregates site for the construction of the Onshore HVDC converter and HVAC substation.

There seems to be no evidence so far that the potential advantages of this alternative location have been seriously considered, or discussed with the site operator. These possibilities should be fully explored before a final site selection decision is made.