Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

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Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

Received 01 July 2018
From Peter Scott


I want to support this project for both national and local reasons as follows:

1 The country urgently needs as much renewable power as it can get. Off-shore wind is an obvious way that this region can contribute, with its regular wind and shallow seas.

2 Norfolk is particularly badly hit by rising sea levels and this is likely to get worse, which makes my first point all the more pressing.

3 Any impact on wildlife will probably be temporary. Even if it is not, the overall long-term benefits to wildlife in helping to stabilise the climate more than outweighs that.

4 Norfolk urgently needs acceptable broadband, which most of it does not have. If the condition is made that the project must allow fibre to be laid in the trenches with access, as is the case with Vattenfall, then organisations such as B4RN can use it to provide good broadband across a wide area.