Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

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Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

Received 20 June 2018
From Annemarie Wharton


1. Weybourne has had two previous windfarm projects with associated heavy construction traffic on small country roads. The disruption caused is well documented and it would seem unjust to allow a third project, lasting 8 years, to be visited on this village.

2. The major income for the economy of this area is tourism. Holiday makers might not continue to return to an area overwhelmed by heavy works traffic.

3. This is a designated ANOB and Foxhills is part of an Area of Scientific Interest. A third and prolonged period of invasive construction would be to the detriment of the local ecology.

4. The fragile coastline has been drilled and bored into for two previous projects. A third session of invasive tunneling would further weaken the structure of the shoreline and with increased the risk of flooding.