Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

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Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm

Received 15 June 2018
From Robert Hannan


I consider that the applicant has failed adequately to consider the impact of the project-generated traffic on the local road network and that the relevant planning authority (Norfolk County Council) has failed adequately to ensure consultation of local residents about and to challenge the traffic impact assessment.

This is in particular regard to the proposed main compound at Oulton Airfield near Oulton Street. In its consultation with the residents and the Parish Council, the applicant has been told about the unsuitability of the local feeder roads to the proposed compound site which pass through the settlement of Oulton Street. These roads are narrow and for much of their length will not allow two vehicles, let alone lorries, to pass each other. Further, the houses in Oulton Street, for the most part abut the road with no significant verge or front gardens. Hence the risk of structural damage is great and the impact of lorry traffic on residents' enjoyment of their property would be detrimental.

The applicant's response to these concerns has been inadequate. No mitigation measures have been proposed other than a vague proposal for a one-way system about which no details have been offered.

I contend that Oulton Airfield is unsuitable as the main compound and has been chosen primarily because of the landowner's willingness to offer the site. Other possible sites close to the main road network have not been adequately assessed before being rejected.

The traffic assessment is inadequate and has not been challenged by the planning authority. Neither the Base Traffic Flow (Annex 7.3) nor the Traffic Flow with Construction Traffic documents (Annex 7.7) include data on the roads which will serve the proposed Main Compound), namely the B1149, The Street, Oulton and Church Lane, Oulton. The accident figures data omits the junction of the B1149 and The Street which would take all traffic in and out of the proposed main compound.