East Anglia ONE Offshore Windfarm

Enquiry received via email

East Anglia ONE Offshore Windfarm

19 March 2013
East Anglia ONE Ltd - Helen Thompson


Submitting additional documents during the pre-examination stage.

Advice given

Thank you for your emails and the Certificates, these will be published by the end of today.
However, as discussed previously, at the pre-examination stage, there is no mechanism within which I can accept any other documentation to that submitted with the application. As such, the information provided including the updated Book of Reference and the Supplementary Information will not be entered into the examination or made available to the Examining authority when appointed. It is up to you, as the Applicant, to decide when to make the Examining authority aware of this information. The earliest opportunity for this will be the preliminary meeting. The Examining authority will then make a decision on how to procede.
In relation to the copies of documents, I think three should suffice but until I have the Examining authority appointed, I cannot confirm this.