East Anglia ONE Offshore Windfarm

Enquiry received via email

East Anglia ONE Offshore Windfarm

28 May 2013
Forewind - Gareth Lewis


Request to register as an Interested Party and submit written representations during the examination of the application

Advice given

Thank you for your email and attached letter dated 24 May 2013 regarding the registration as an Interested Party for the above application.
As you note, the deadline to register as an Interested Party for the East Anglia ONE Offshore Wind Farm application passed on 7 March 2013. Unfortunately, as you have not made a relevant representation in the prescribed form within the deadline, we have no discretion to register you retrospectively.
Whilst you will not have the legal status of an Interested Party in this examination, you are able to follow the progress of the application on our webpage. Please see the link: attachment 1. This will not prevent you from attending the preliminary meeting or any other public hearings that may be held during the examination.
We note your request to attend the Preliminary Meeting on 25 June 2013, and your intention to submit written representations in relation to any relevant cumulative issues at a later stage during the examination period. Should you wish to submit a written representation during the examination of the application, the Examining authority may use its discretion to take this into account on a case by case basis.
Please state in your representation that you are not an Interested Party but you wish the Examining authority to consider accepting your representation. The case team will then respond on the decision taken.
I hope that this is of assistance but do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
Please note that this response constitutes advice under s51 of the Planning Act 2008 and will be published on our website.

attachment 1
attachment 1