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East Anglia ONE North Offshore Windfarm

Received 22 January 2020
From Anita Parkinson


We are strongly opposed to the proposed development at Friston for the following reasons: 1. There will be an unacceptable cumulative impact on the area with the proposed energy developments at Sizewell and the National Grid ventures interconnectors. 2. During construction the area will subject to unacceptable levels of heavy goods traffic. This could propose risk for emergency planning and access for emergency vehicles. 3. There will be unacceptable human impacts on a predominantly ageing and vulnerable population, particularly with regard to loss of equity in properties which are largely used to fund care in later years. 4. There will be an unacceptable impact on the visual enjoyment of the area. A rural area will be blighted by an industrial landscape. Scottish Power have not considered a design with a lower profile which would help to minimise impact. Proposed mitigation is ineffective and will provide no positive benefit for many years. 5. Loss of footpaths will have a negative impact on current enjoyment of the area. 6. The site is ringed by five grade 11 and two grade 11* listed buildings. 7. Quality of life will be damaged by noise and light pollution. The impact of this has been underestimated by Scottish Power. 8. Scottish Power have acknowledged the current risk of flooding in Friston, and accepted the proposed substation development will increase the risk of further flooding. Mitigation is ineffective. 9. There will be permanent detrimental effect to wildlife. 10. There will be no positive benefits to the local economy. No jobs will be created from the onshore development and the thriving tourism trade will be negatively affected. Nina Parkinson [Redacted]