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East Anglia ONE North Offshore Windfarm

Received 11 January 2020
From Colin Roxby


The proposed siting of the sub-station in Friston is completely unsuitable for the following reasons:- It will destroy over 80 acres of valuable, productive arable land. The loud humming noises (tonality) from the transformers, fans and harmonic filters will cause serious health problems for the residents. The constructions, 20 metres high on the very edge of the village will destroy the rural aspect from the homes, village green and Grade II* listed Church. Light, noise pollution and loss of habitat will damage wildlife and the tranquility of the village. The loss and relocation of footpaths will cause much inconvenience and danger to pedestrians. The access roads to the site are winding narrow single track roads, with no pedestrian space, very few passing places and extremely tight corners. (Accidents waiting to happen).This would make access by both construction and operational traffic extremely hazardous. The cable corridor will cause irreparable damage to an AONB. This construction will deter tourists leading to unemployment. The area is prone to flooding and in a nuclear evacuation area. The village will be blighted and houses will be unsaleable, resulting in a dead village of empty properties.