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A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Road Improvement scheme

Received 10 June 2021
From Central Bedfordshire Council


Central Bedfordshire Council is responding to this application for a Development Consent Order. As the Council it has a wide range of functions and responsibilities including its role as local planning authority, this representation and its participation in this application process reflects and draws on the breadth of its relevant functions and responsibilities. Only a small section of the route is located directly within the Central Bedfordshire Local Authority Area, with a short section of the new proposed dual carriageway to the south of Little Barford, passing under Barford Road. Notwithstanding this, Advice Note 2 (S18) encourages local authorities to register to take part in the process. On behalf of Central Bedfordshire District Council my representations are likely to be limited to the effects the proposal may have on this local authority area rather than the broader issues of the proposal. The issues that are likely to be relevant to Central Bedfordshire include - The implications within Central Bedfordshire for the highway network to the south of the scheme, in particular the A1. - A need for the preparation and agreement of appropriate traffic management and improvement schemes and / or the identification of alternate routes for larger vehicles or abnormal loads, prior to the construction works in question commencing. In particular, (although not limited to), the proposed use of Station Road, Tempsford for construction traffic. - The implications with Central Bedfordshire of diversionary routes during road closures considered necessary to facilitate the construction works. - The impact of the development on a known archaeology landscape. Specifically the need to design a robust and consistent mitigation strategy whether carried out as Advanced Works/Enabling Works or Main Works - Noise impacts for the construction or operational use of the development - Air quality impact on the Sandy AQMA, caused by increased traffic on the A1 south from this proposal. The Council wishes to participate in the Examination as and when it would aid the Planning Inspectorate in determining the proposal and will send either detailed written representation or relevant officers to the Examination discussions.