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A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Road Improvement scheme

Received 09 June 2021
From Brown & Co on behalf of JAC Settlement Trust Corporation Limited


1. Our clients are the owners and [Redacted] of Rectory Farm, Eynesbury an equipped arable unit of approximately 106.56 ha of which 19.3885 ha are affected by the current proposal. 1. The new road will sever our clients farm into parts and, as such, access is an important issue. 1. Our clients are the freeholder owners of plots 5/2f, 5/2k, 6/2k & 6/2c as identified in the Book of Reference to be acquired. 1. As frontage owners to both sides of the Potton Road, their ownership extends to the centre of the highway as recorded within the Book of Reference by reference to being part owners and it is noted that as a result of this road being stopped up the ownership of plot 6/3b will revert to our client. 1. With regard to plot 6/6a, note that the ownership of this plot, as a result of the B1046 diversion will revert to our client. Our client is particularly concerned over ensuring sufficient access to the properties known as Nos. 1 & 2 Rectory Farm Cottages is provided with the entrance to No. 2 being of a particular concern and further details are requested. 2. In respect of plot 6/2l, we note that a single field entrance has been indicated on the General Arrangement plan and the access to this land must be suitable for farm machinery and equipment there should be adequate turning circles and visibility splays. 3. We note that the existing field access to the rear of Nos. 1 & 2 Rectory Farm Cottages as currently exists, has not been provided for within the General Arrangements plan sheet 6, As this is an existing entrance, our client requests that this is reinstated as part of the overall scheme. 4. In respect of plot 6/3b, our client has a concern regarding the final road surface and wants to ensure that access to their farm is uninterrupted at all times throughout the scheme. Within plot 6/3b an access gate is to be installed to prevent unauthorised access. 5. With regard to plot 5/2f, it is noted on the General Arrangement plan that the newly aligned watercourse will be planted with trees on to the eastern boundary and it is currently proposed that a new hedge is planted along the western boundary. It is requested that the proposed hedge line is removed as maintenance will be restricted to this watercourse under the current proposal. 6. In respect of plot 5/2h identified on the General Arrangement plan, the area for soil storage encompasses part of the Brook. 7. Our client is concerned to ensure that the new access proposed to serve plot 5/2k as shared with the adjoining landowner is of a sufficient specification to ensure both accesses are suitable for both the machinery and equipment associated with Eynesbury Plant Hire and farm machinery and equipment used by our client and that there should be adequate turning circles and visibility splays for both parties. 8. In respect of plot 5/2a, the green temporary possession area extends to the edge of plot 5/2f and this is incorrect. The General Arrangement plan sheet 5 only extends to the watercourse, and it is plot 5/2a needs to be updated to reflect the General Arrangement Plan. 9. Our client notes that there is currently no future access provision to the flood storage area identified within plot 5/2f. Our client has concerns regarding the provisions of appropriate fencing alongside the highway boundaries and concerns over the effective maintenance of the draining schemes. 10. Our client is concerned about ensuring suitable and adequate land drainage schemes are installed at early stage. 11. Our clients overriding concern is the impact of the overall scheme on Rectory Farm and the 4 dwellings associated with the farm and seek to minimise the impact of the scheme on their property. 12. Our clients have noted that the utility diversions and the proposals to divert existing water mains and our anxious to ensure that water supply and pressure are maintained at all times.