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A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Road Improvement scheme

Received 09 June 2021
From Anglian Water Services Limited


Anglian Water Services Limited (Anglian Water) is in active discussion with Highways England's legal advisors regarding the form of modified protective provisions within the DCO. Anglian Water is submitting this Relevant Representation following the advice in Advice Note 8.2 and in agreement with Highways England that to ensure clarity on our position as a utility provider and landowner/ occupier affected by the proposed scheme and so to assist the Examining Authority. Anglian Water has no in principle objection to the scheme and seeks to ensure that through the agreement of protective provisions we continue to provide customers with uninterrupted water and waste water services during construction and then the operation of the scheme. The issues on which we are in discussion with Highways England are in summary: 1. Definitions, in particular “apparatus”. 2. The application of NRSWA and specifically were it applies, notification(s) to Anglian Water. 3. Anglian Water's facilities and rights when alternative apparatus has been constructed and is in operation to our reasonable satisfaction. 4. Step in rights for approved works and notification. 5. Clarity regarding the undertakers works near to or which affect Anglian Water apparatus in part to assist the undertaker in flagging and so minimise the risk of damage by Highways England's contractors. 6. Time limits being able to be altered by written agreement between the undertaker and Anglian Water. 7. Safeguards to ensure emergency works on our apparatus by the undertaker are carried using best endeavours to keep the impact of those emergency works on Anglian Water’s apparatus and network on end-users/Anglian Water customers to a minimum. 8. Tightening up references so that paragraphs are self contained were possible including when we incur expense on the undertaker’s behalf. 9. Cost's as a result on the undertakers scheme which necessitate the provision of new Anglian Water infrastructure. 10. Ensuring definitions provide for adequate compensation following damage to Anglian Water's network by the undertaker. 11. The processes for exchange of documentation and requests by Anglian Water. 12. A Memorandum of Understanding on stage payments to Anglian Water with reconciliation at the end or works. On land and rights acquistion, Anglian Water remains committed to reaching agreement on resolving the question of the access to the Chawston-Wyboston Water Recycling Centre (WRC) that Highways England seek to acquire permanently. Anglian Water's preference remains for the undertaker to maintain continuous access to the WRC to operate and maintain access to the site for our customers. Anglian Water therefore seek agreement to ensure that access is maintained until an acceptable replacement is constructed, operable and in Anglian Water's control as an occupier. Similarly, we seek to agree the approach of the undertaker to the proposed temporary use of Anglian Water's land and reservoir (covered) to the south-east of Rectory Farm Cottage and west of Potton Road, Eynesbury Hardwicke,St Neots.