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A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Road Improvement scheme

Received 07 June 2021
From Roxton Parish Council


The Black Cat roundabout development is a significant infrastructure project that will have short term and long term impacts upon the village of Roxton and upon the health and wellbeing of its residents. To this end, Roxton Parish Council (RPC) have spent a considerable amount of time reviewing and considering the development plans and looking at ways that the villagers can benefit from the new road infrastructure and from general improvements to the surrounding area. To this end, Roxton Parish Council wish to make representations on the following points: 1.0 Noise and Air Pollution during construction and post construction; regarding post construction RPC believe there is insufficient acoustic screening provided. Significantly more soft landscape screening can address both noise and air pollution as well as minimising the negative visual impact of the works. The land between the new Kelpie Marina access road and the A1 have created an opportunity to provide a new patch of native woodland that would in small part reduce the noise and air pollution experienced in Roxton. RPC challenge the extent of the DCO red line; there is an opportunity to fulfil promises made to parishioners during the consultation process of the Gt Barford bypass circa 2000-2005 to protect Roxton from road noise. RPC insist the red line is extended towards the High Barns bridge to extend the acoustic bund & planting along the A421. 2.0 RPC insist that solid barriers are provided along all elevated sections of road/bridge to minimise light pollution from headlights. RPC insist that all lighting poles be fitted with directional lamp heads to deflect light spill away from Roxton. 3.0 Safety in and around the T-junction of new Roxton Road Bridge and C44; RPC insist that this junction be in the form of a roundabout not a T-junction. This junction has experienced many accidents and at least one fatality over recent years. As all existing traffic currently accessing & exiting the Wyboston area onto the A1 will now use the new Roxton Road Bridge this significantly increases the volume of HGV & personised vehicles using this junction those increasing the danger. For the same reason the parapets on the new bridge should be increased to prevent all vulnerable road users from falling over onto the A421. RPC insist that the new 40mph speed limit along the C44 be implemented from day one of the works. 4.0 Highways England should demonstrate how the works will facilitate future means of road, cycle & footpath access from Roxton to the future train station planned at St Neots South/Tempsford North on the East West Rail line. In conclusion by increasing the soft landscape screening to at least 20m from the A421 and A1, Highways England could provide meaningful protection to the long suffering parishioners of Roxton from the air and noise pollution that will inevitably result from this project. RPC look forward to the opportunity to expand on these issues during the DCO examinations.