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A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Road Improvement scheme

Received 05 June 2021
From Jacqueline Wieczorek


I am concerned that the remaining old A428 road, having become a local road from St Neots to Caxton Gibbet (and vice versa) decants drivers onto the redesigned new roundabout at Caxton Gibbet, and from there we have to join the dual carriageway with all the non-local fast traffic and juggernauts, before we can leave at the Cambourne junction. Mixing slower (and possibly more timid) vehicles is not in my opinion a sensible idea. On return from Cambridge, we would have to leave the local road at Cambourne and attempt to join the A428 dual carriageway as far as Caxton Gibbet, negotiating the roundabout with the lorries and faster cars, before getting back to the new local road. The sensible link to avoid all this is nearly in existence- however it’s been designated for horses and bicycles only. Please see what can be done to avoid this design flaw, even though it’s not quite in the ‘project envelope’. Thank you.