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A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Road Improvement scheme

Received 28 April 2021
From Simon Curtis


It is my request that the position of the Black Cat interchange be relocated 250 Metres to the East from the planned location. The road should deviate from it's current line 570 Metres North of the Black Cat travelling due South in a straight line rejoining the current carriageway at a point 1638 Metres South of the current roundabout. The vast majority of the new interchange can be constructed with minimum disruption to the flow of traffic on the current A1/A428 roads By doing this one dangerous section of road being the Old Great North Road Wagon/Coach bridge which has been in that position since the 1660's will be removed plus several other road deviations. It will not be necessary to build the new separate access road to Kelpie Marina. Furthermore it moves the interchange further away from the Villages of Roxton and Chawston and will allow for much easier sound attenuating landscaping to be undertaken. Kind Regards Simon Curtis