A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme

Enquiry received via email

A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme

17 December 2014
Martin Clarke


My list of questions is as follows:
1. Electronic file index (ref Advice Note 6 ? Annex, also as attached sent by you on 13/11) ? some electronic files (approx. five) from the ES appendices fall into two document types from the drop-down list, for example the EIA scoping opinion is as appended to the ES so this would come under the following two document types from the list:
a. ?Technical Appendices (part 14a)? and
b. ?Scoping Opinion/Direction (Part 14b)?
Should we list these files twice with each document type ? That is how we are proceeding at present.
2. Upload of application documents ? discussed this with Ken last week, he said that you would be writing to us to request permission to do this on receipt of application, when do you think you?ll be sending this, presumably an e-mail to be imminently ? Note the HA are aware and are okay with this, I just need to get the PM to confirm by return e-mail. Note also Ken explained that your IT people were being lined up to start the upload at 1400 on 31/12, I plan to courier the documents so you receive them after 1700 on 30/12, ie so you register receipt as 31/12.
3. Local authorities ? contact re adequacy of consultation ? when would you be contacting the LA?s on this ? I assume you?ll be writing to them imminently to alert them to the application dues on 31/12 so will you be actually writing to them on 31/12 as well ?
I also wanted to explain two issues re how we are dealing with two issues in the ES appendices re:
- confidential information not to made available to the public (eg badger and barn owl locations), and
- appendices with a large amount of data that is too big to print (I think this is all related to archaeological survey data)
These are both things we have discussed with yourselves at meetings earlier this year so I?m pulling some information together on this tomorrow morning and I?ll forward that tomorrow and give you a call later on tomorrow pm.

Advice given

Thank you for your email. In response to the points you have raised I can confirm the following;
1: If the files are listed twice they will be published twice on the website, although this wouldn?t be an enormous problem it would be unnecessary duplication. In which case if you consider the scoping documents part of the ES I suggest you categorise them in that way. Ultimately we will review the index on submission and alter any document types in circumstances where we feel that they may not be properly displayed on the website.
2: On further consideration, it would be helpful to have your consent to upload the documents prior to submission so that we can get the documents uploaded as quickly as possible. In which case please consider this email a formal request for your consent to publish the application documents upon submission.
I note that you intend to submit the documents late on 30/12, this would be very helpful. If the documents were to arrive later than midday on 31/12 our IT staff may find it difficult to upload the documents within a reasonable time and in any event, 14:00 would be the absolute latest.
3: We have already written to local authorities to alert them to the submission date of 31/12, so they will hopefully have put resources in place. We will be writing to them again on 31/12 to formally request their comments on the adequacy of consultation giving them 14 calendar days to respond, meaning a deadline of 14 January. You may wish to consider sending your consultation report directly to them, some authorities may find it helpful to receive the report prior to submission.
If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.