Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

Enquiry received via phone

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

03 November 2010
Susan Greensmith


Raised concerns about how the application for Triton Knoll will be assessed taking into consideration the IPC is to be abolished.
Asked how to raise the communities concerns with regards to the merits of the scheme and adequacy of community consultation undertaken by the applicant.

Advice given

The Government are currently drafting the Localism Bill which, if it receives Royal Ascent, is likely to come into force April 2012.
At this stage the IPC will be abolished and in its place a department of the Planning Inspectorate, known as the Major Infrastructure Planning Unit, will take forward the work of the IPC.
For the projects which the IPC has already been notified of, transitional arrangements are likely to be put in place to ensure the examination process will remain efficient and effective.
Notified the enquirer that the new planning process places emphasis on a front loaded approach. It is therefore important that the local community fully participate in the consultation undertaken by the applicant and to raise any concerns directly to the applicant. The applicant is obliged to take into account the responses it receives.
Any concerns regarding the adequacy of consultation (e.g. if the community considers that the applicant is not undertaking consultation in line with the Statement of Community Consultation) should be raised with the applicant and relevant local authority. The IPC is happy to be copied into any correspondence of this nature.