Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

Enquiry received via email

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

15 July 2011
Norfolk County Council - Stephen Faulkner


Enquiry regarding the timescales for statutory consultees to make representations on a proposed application following acceptance.

Advice given

If the IPC decides to accept an application to progress to examination, the developer must publicise that fact. It is for the developer to decide precisely when to publicise a project acceptance. This publicity will set a deadline of not less than 28 days for members of the public and others to register as 'interested parties' (local authorities are automatically interested parties) and for 'relevant representations' to be made to the IPC about the project.
Relevant representations should provide a summary of your views about the proposed application. They should focus on the impacts of the proposal and any key issues which you wish to bring to the Examining Authority's attention. You can also at this stage request to speak at the Preliminary Meeting. The representations are used to help inform the Examining Authority's initial list of principal issues for the examination. At examination stage, you will be invited to submit more detailed written statements on the issues raised.
Local authorities are advised to ensure any necessary internal authorisation processes are in place to meet the timetable. It is entirely a matter for local authorities to determine whether or not its representations require approval by elected members and in what form.