Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

Enquiry received via email

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

07 September 2010
Cllr Colin Davie


Queries and comments raised by Cllr Davie including:
- Information on the IPC website showing underground cable routes,
- The entire proposal should be part of application including proper underground cabling routes and full National Grid pylon tranmission network, and
- Comments on the applicants pre-application consultation.

Advice given

- The information on the Commission's website is a copy of the applicant's (RWE nPower) Scoping Report as part of its request for a Scoping Opinion from the Commission. The Commission has not been made aware of any further updated plans and is under a statutory requirement to provide a Scoping Opinion based upon the information provided. If the proposal changes substantially during the process the applicant will need to consider the need to request a new scoping opinion from the Commission.
- Whilst there can be advantages in linking two NSIP's (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Proposals) in a single application, it is also possible for them to be submitted as two seperate applications, this being a matter for the applicant to determine depending on the particular circumstances of the respective projects. In the event of two potentially linked NSIP's being submitted as seperate applications, the Environmental Statement accompanying each application would need to include an assessment of any cumulative impacts of any other known proposals that do not form part of the repsective application.
- The pre-application consultation requirements of the Planning Act 2008 were set out along with the key roles of a relevant Local Authority in the process.
- In deciding whether to accept an application for examination the Commission must have regard to any adequacy of consultation representation received from a relevant local authority. This provides a formal opportunity for local authorities to set out any comments on how the applicant has complied with its pre-application consultation obligations.
- In some cases the pre-application process will be an interative process where proposals are amended with additional consultation taking places with stakeholders where appropriate.