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Triton Knoll Electrical System

26 May 2015
NFU East Midlands Region - Paul Tame


I have received an email notification from you and been on RWE?s website which talks about a S56 consultation which will run between June 12 and July 13. RWE?s press release states that ?it is through this process that it will be possible to register with the Planning Inspectorate as an interested party?. I would be grateful if you could answer the following queries:-
1)Am I registered already with the Planning Inspectorate as an interested party or do I need to register between June 12 and July 13? If so, how?
2)Where is RWE?s most up to date planning application that I can comment on it? Will this be the subject of the S56 consultation? If so, how have the proposals changed since RWE?s consultation in October and November 2014?

Advice given

Thank you for your enquiry.
You are not registered as an Interested Party with the Planning Inspectorate, therefore if you wish to take part in the examination of the application I advise you register with us.
Formal registration to become an Interested Party in the examination of this application opens on 12 June 2015 and the Relevant Representation form will be made available from that date on the National Infrastructure pages of the Planning Portal website and can be accessed by following the link below. You can also request a paper copy of the Relevant Representation form from us should you prefer to complete a hard copy of it.
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The website contains the developer?s application documents as well as a link to their website so that you can compare their earlier proposal. If you have questions about the evolution of specific documents I suggest that you contact the developer directly at this email address:
Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Limited
Or tel. 01793474244
You may also find the Planning Inspectorate?s Advice Note 8.3 useful, ?How to register and become an interested party in an application?, which can be accessed by following this link:
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If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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