Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 31 December 2018
From Paul Moss


I wish to register my opposition to the proposed development of the above planning application.
Our property is a Grade 2 listed thatch property situated on the corner of [redacted]. It is an extremely busy junction especially at commuting times and when there are incidents on the M1 and A43 which causes extreme traffic congestion in the village and outside our home. One of our main concerns is that if there were any disruptions on the M 1 or A 43 we would see an even bigger influx of HGVs coming past our property using the village as a rat run. The main entrance to rail central development is on the A43, however, any disruption to the A43 will result in the access and egress will be on the Northampton road, an emergency exit. This will leave no alternative for the HGVs then to use the Northampton road through Milton Malsor and Blisworth, to then access the A43 and M1.
The setting of our property is an essential part of the buildings character. We are one semi of a large thatched property which sits prominently on the edge of the village within the Conservation area. Our property adds interest and contributes to the local countryside. It also combines with other properties in producing visual harmony and enriches the setting of the conservation area..
We totally oppose the Rail Central and Northampton gateway owing to the adverse effects these developments would have on our property and that of all the listed buildings and the conservation area in the village. The above proposals because of their nature of use, would adversely affect the character of this setting through noise, nuisance,traffic,pollution and general disturbances. Our property is thatch and stone built, circa 1750. We regularly experience vibration within our home caused through HGVs and large delivery trucks as the proximity of road to the property. Our windows are single glazed and not energy efficient, letting out heat and letting noise in. We are unable to get planning permission to replace with double glazing as is the nature of listed building consent. It will be unbearable as the HGVs go trundling past day and night. Approaching retirement we chose to live in this lovely area of south Northamptonshire, more especially Blisworth. Our aim now is to continue being " guardians" of our listed property, to protect and enhance it and our beautiful village, incidentally Best Kept award 2012 and 2017. This is not only for ourselves but for all who live in the village and the many visitors who can continue to value and enjoy what we currently have in Blisworth.
In addition to the above, issues of increased pollution to the already close proximity of motorways.
Increased noise levels and light issues from the proposed development working around the clock on this vast sized proposed development.
I travel around the country and witness on virtually every junction of our motorway networks developments of warehouses and I must question on how many warehouses are actually needed.
On numerous sites I have seen, there are advertising boards displayed stating that warehouses are "to let" which again I question on how many warehouses are actually needed.
Blisworth is only 14 miles from the Dirft development at junction 18 of the M1.
This development is continually expanding and again I would question the feasibility of another development so close.
In anticipation that the above facts are considered, I remain.

Paul Moss