Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 31 December 2018
From Jonathan King


Dear Sir

I’m objecting very strongly to the proposed plan to build “Rail Central” This project will completely destroy the beautiful countryside that I live in. The effect this will have on the villages of Milton Malsor and Blisworth will be devastating!
Milton Malsor And Blisworth are both small country villages, set in some wonderful countryside between Northampton and Towcester, this development will help to link the villages to Northampton and we will become suburbs of Northampton. This development will surround over half of our village!
Whilst the development is taking place, we will have to put up with the noise, smell and light pollution that we won’t be able to escape from.
Once the project is completed, we will still have the noise, smell and light pollution to put up with, this won’t be a temporary thing!
I regularly go out walking in our countryside with my wife and family, but this development will destroy the very ground we walk on, it will be replaced with warehouses, roads, lorry parks and railway sidings. What is going to replace this?
I believe that there are too many rail/road logistics parks around this area already and there is no need for another one. If this development did go ahead, I know what will happen. Our countryside will get churned up and a new road network constructed, but only two or three warehouses will actually get built, the rest of the land will just be allowed to rot and that won’t benefit anyone except the developers, who will of already made their money and disappeared!
There is only going to be one road into this development and will be connected to the A43, but what happens when the M1 gets blocked, as it does regularly. All the traffic is going to get backed up within the development and we’re going to have to breath all of that pollution in! Then all the workers will start cutting through our village to get home.
We were promised that this development will create 8,000 jobs, but there isn’t a high need for employment around here! Most of the workers will most probably be brought in from abroad?

Jonathan King