Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

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Rail Central (Strategic Rail Freight Interchange)

Received 31 December 2018
From John White


I would like to object very strongly to the proposals for the construction of Rail Central at Milton Malsor and Blisworth. This development if it goes ahead, will consume large areas of outstanding countryside and natural beauty, and of course all associated farming in between. It will end up a massive concrete and steel jungle with road noise, accompanied with air and night-time pollution I suspect on a 24 x 7 basis

Whilst I do not live in this immediate area, I do enjoy frequent walks in there along the foot and tow paths by the canal, taking in the beauty of the wild life there, and admiring the various species of birds that reside there. I have no doubt that if this development goes ahead then that too will all disappear. This would be an absolute and unforgivable travesty

My understanding is that this proposal will conflict directly with Government objectives set out in the recent 25 year environment plan, which includes targets to increase natural beauty, heritage of the natural environment, notwithstanding increasing potential future flood risk; and the destruction of woodland as opposed to increasing it

The residents of both villages stand to lose greatly in every respect and will see nothing in return other than misery for the loss of their natural environment. Their countryside will be decimated beyond repair

I fail to understand why this, and indeed the Northampton Gateway proposals are in anyway required. There is the current development at East Midlands in progress and at Daventry (DIRFT), where expansion is currently underway but is going to take several years to fulfil. Is there any requirement for any further development(s) just 16 miles down the M1 corridor which I believe will be dormant for several years as a result of the above?

It strikes me somewhat to be another typical and mercenary approach by the developers to take advantage of the NSIP process for an unwanted site which as I see it, would operate as a simple logistics park, without any advantage of an interchange facility